Turnkey Online Business Opportunity – Do They Really Work?

With so many scams online today finding the right turnkey online business opportunity can be quit a challenge. Most successful online entrepreneurs have spent large sums of money and time before figuring out what to truly look for in a turnkey online business opportunity.There are three major mistakes turnkey online business opportunity seekers make1. They sign up for a program because they think the product is the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you were selling brand new BMWs for $100 a piece and your car lot is out in middle of nowhere, no one will find you and your end result will be no sales. Don’t look at the product, look at the business model and the marketing system the company has in place. If they have a decent product, websites that convert and a system you can plug into to get people to your site, your chances for success in your turnkey online business will increase dramatically.2. Look closely at the quality of training they offer. One of the most common practices is to get people into an turnkey business opportunity then sell them on the back end with various eBooks on internet marketing. A solid company will have live webinars and step by step videos in their back office that teach you how to market your product on the internet. This should be offered to you at no additional cost. Remember, traffic is the life blood of your online business, without it you have no business at all.3. Many turnkey online business opportunities claim they have great support, then you sign up and find there is little to no support at all. Look for a phone number and call it before signing up to get a better feel of how much support they actually offer. Watch for two numbers, some will have a number for new turnkey online business opportunity seekers and a separate number for support. Many companies will answer the phone to sign you up, but once you join getting through on the support line is next to impossible.Here is an example of what a solid turnkey online business model should look like.After joining your turnkey online business opportunity you should be set up with a lead capture page and a website, this is a simple but very powerful model for making money online. The biggest obstacle new people have is getting traffic to their system. This is where the companies training comes in, they should teach you the skills necessary to start getting people to your lead capture page. When a potential prospect arrives at your lead capture page they will have to put in their name and email before being forwarded to your website. Their name and email is captured in an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a program preloaded with a series of follow up emails that are sent out automatically in a structured sequence. This puts your follow up marketing on autopilot.One tip is to look for a turnkey online business opportunity that sells high end products. This will allow you to become what is called self funded. Let’s say you make $1000 sale from your online business opportunity. You then put that $1000 into paid marketing methods on the internet. If that $1000 makes you $4000, you reinvest a $1000 and do it all over again. A combination of free and self funded marketing can send hundreds even thousands of people a day to your lead capture page, resulting in exponential growth in your business.Finding the right turnkey online business opportunity can be just as easy as it can be hard. The difference is knowing what to look for when examining different opportunities. There are other variables to look for but the basics I have mentioned here should point you in the right direction.

What Legal Areas Does Elder Law Encompass?

Elder law is a field of legal practice that we’re hearing more and more about as baby boomers age. As the population ages the field is only expected to grow. You may be wondering what it is, how these attorneys differ from family lawyers and what services they provide.Defining Elder LawIt’s not a simple task to spell out the exact legal areas that elder law encompasses because the field covers so many topics. Nearly any legal situation that affects the aged falls under its jurisdiction. This includes: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, healthcare planning, estate planning, wills, trusts and probate, retirement planning, Alzheimer’s, dementia, disability, etc.The best way to describe the field may be to explain that it is a practice area that addresses the specific legal needs of seniors — be they financial, healthcare or relationship needs. It’s also important to note that these lawyers take a big picture view of their clients’ lives. They work closely with the seniors, themselves, along with family and loved ones to develop legal recommendations and solutions that provide for a high quality of life for the rest of their clients’ lives.Areas Of ExpertiseThese attorneys help their clients plan for retirement and long-term care, protect their business and personal assets and the distribution of such to heirs or charities upon their death, and create guardianships for both the clients’ children and/or the clients themselves. They can also help seniors navigate Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid requirements, assist with tax planning, advocate for seniors in tenant/landlord relations or nursing home disputes, and represent them in all legal matters, including litigation. These lawyers are instrumental in protecting seniors’ rights if they’ve been the victim of abuse, fraud or misrepresentation. They often assist their clients in finding resources such as private and public programs for seniors, and help identify suitable home care providers or nursing homes.Specific areas of expertise include:• Estate Planning. Includes probate, gifting, tax planning, and asset protection.• Guardianships and Conservatorships.• Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and other entitlement programs.• Retirement planning and benefits.• Elder Abuse and Age Discrimination.• Long-Term Care planning and financing, including disability planning and medical decision-making.• Housing issues including real estate mortgages, taxes, sales and purchases, rental agreements, assisted living and nursing homes and in-home care.• Tax and Insurance issues.The Difference Between Elder And Family LawAlthough it sounds like the elder law attorney does everything a family law attorney can do, there is one main difference. The elder law attorney has dedicated his or her practice specifically to seniors and the issues that affect them. Attorneys who specialize in family law, on the other hand, have much broader and more general experience and will not be as knowledgeable about issues specific to seniors.Two of the greatest benefits these attorneys provide are insider knowledge and the ability to listen to and understand seniors’ needs. These attorneys are highly skilled in dealing with very personal matters and equally as skilled at knowing how to care for seniors. They often have an extensive network of resources and professionals who cater to older adults and can refer their clients to these services as needed.These lawyers understand the abilities and limitations of older adults as well as their unique needs. It is this combination of legal knowledge and an understanding of their client base that makes them so much more effective at providing solutions to client needs than any other type of lawyer.Of course, not every elder law attorney will be an expert in every area. Just as you would with any other service provider, make sure the attorney you choose has the experience and expertise needed for your specific situation. Chances are, even if the lawyer you first meet with cannot help you, he or she can refer you to a colleague who has the expertise you need.